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Be inspired every week with Aina’s news-related projects. Get your news of the week and what you can do about it, all in one place.
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Create something meaningful from our wide array of project types. From knitting to kid-friendly to kits to put together, we’ve got you covered.

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Your spark matters. From inner-city gang violence to environmental conservation, there’s a project that speaks to your soul.
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Our Ambassadors are regular people that are trained to only approve the organizations that are doing something AMAZING – and managing their business well. Rest easy knowing we protect you.

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With Aina’s unique method of connecting giver and receiver, make that deeper connection and see the results for yourself.
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Become an Aina Ambo and see the difference you can make in your own community. Find the things that need changing, and help others be a part of it.


Aina is the new way to give – one that doesn’t involve money.


Each of us has a spark. Use it to reach across the world and change the future.

We do the research. You change the world.
Join our worldwide Giving Party to give orphans in Kenya the school supplies they need.

Pencil Cases for Orphans in Kenya: Get 5 minute Party, Lesson, and Project Plans to change the world

Coming in October 2016: Aina’s Membership Site to Join the World Change Community

  • 100s of projects to change the world today
  • Constantly updating and growing lesson plans for K-12 teachers, national standards included
  • Webinars and Tutorials on how you can lead the world to a better tomorrow
Join the Worldwide Giving Party now and gain access to pre-launch freebies.
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